La filosofía Mandul | Mandul


  At Mandul we have a clear objective: contribute to the nutrition, the health and the welfare of the people providing them tasty, balanced and high-quality products in order to enjoy the sweetest moment of the day. That is why, we have the widest range of products, from our traditional home-made sponge cake till our delicious pies including our unbeatable coronas. And it has been this way since the beginning. Since the 1960 the family MARTIN-ONDARZA VERA founded the first bakery workshop, and shaped the first traditional recipes, in the bosom of the company it was clear that following this path, Mandul would have to take the lead of the specialists in whipped dough in the whole continent. Concurrently to this objective, the basis of a company leader in the industrial bakery sector was built and the pillars of a project for the future were set up. The philosophy of Mandul is based on a responsible management of the business, generating wealth for the company, our suppliers and distributors, and also for the society of which we are part. This view ahead to our time is what has allowed us to strengthen our objectives in social responsibility and to build the trust of everyone involved in the business chain in which Mandul is an active part based on strong human principles.




MANDUL has always appreciated its human team as the most valuable asset of the Company, its main source of competitiveness and the key factor of its success. This is due to the vocation of the company to maintain long-term relationship with employees through the implementation of policies of internal promotion. The motivation and satisfaction of the people working at MANDUL are constantly under the attention of the company that dedicates significant resources to provide training and personal and professional development tools. MANDUL promotes the reconciliation of private and professional life, the cultural diversity and gender equality as the driving force of competitiveness, assuring at the same time the health and security of the people in their workplace.


Day after day, at MANDUL we try to tailor our products to the needs and the tastes of a society in constant evolution. Listening to the customers, knowing their wishes and meet their expectations if a quick and efficient way is one of our main commitments under the unquestionable premises of the quality, the research and innovation. Since the receipt of the raw materials till the presentation to the final customer, all the processes of production and distribution are subject to strict and rigorous standards. In this effort lies the authentic commitment of all the people involved in the production process what, over time, has made MANDUL into a quality benchmark in the industrial bakery sector. <